How You Can Help


State legislators have the power to solve California’s problems. They have the power to improve our employment climate, fix our pension system, properly fund our colleges and universities, raise revenues if and when needed, reduce our prison expenditures, reform our tax system, keep our parks open and maintained, enhance our infrastructure, improve our environment, make government more efficient, and more. They simply choose not to exercise that power.

Changing a few legislators can alter that outcome. This is because in California significant pieces of legislation are often decided by a small number of legislators. As a result, a few courageous lawmakers can force reforms.

In turn, electing a few courageous legislators is possible because the outcomes of some legislative races are determined by relatively small numbers of voters and amounts of money. As a result, concentration by engaged citizens can have an impact.

In addition, California elections now incorporate the state’s Top Two Primary and Citizens Redistricting Commission reforms, further improving the odds of success for pragmatic problem solvers not beholden to special interests.

But that change will not happen unless Californians get engaged. Start by paying attention to the actions of your state legislators and then get active in support of courageous, honest and effective candidates. Join us so we can keep you informed.