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For decades, special interests have wielded outsized influence over California’s governance, resulting in low-quality public services and ever-increasing spending with little to show for it. That’s because the general interest has been poorly represented. GFC is a special interest for the general interest and a supporter of like-minded organizations.

California State Capitol Building


A Wealth Tax In California?

Often I’m asked whether California could levy a wealth tax on individuals. My answer is that, absent persistent political pressure by taxpayer advocates, the political door in California is always open to all forms of tax increases, including a wealth tax.

David Crane


Income Taxation In California

Second quarter income tax estimates are due Monday, though the amount required in California is more than a quarter’s worth of estimated tax. That’s because during a past budget crisis the state imposed a requirement that taxpayers pay more than a quarter’s worth of estimated taxes for each of the first two quarters of the year. That budget crisis went away, but not the imposition on taxpayers.

David Crane


Our Fiscal Fight

Earlier this week a reporter asked me to comment about a bond under discussion in the Legislature. I responded that the costs of past obligations already crowd out spending on current programs…

David Crane

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California


To counter special interest influence and to support like-minded organizations.