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For decades, special interests have wielded outsized influence over California’s governance, resulting in low-quality public services and ever-increasing spending with little to show for it. That’s because the general interest has been poorly represented. GFC is a special interest for the general interest and a supporter of like-minded organizations.

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SF Chronicle: Reading between the lines of Newsom’s ‘deferred’ budget: Screw the kids

Shohei Ohtani is the only major league baseball player who can hit and pitch at an elite level.

Perhaps he should manage California’s state budget, too.

Govern For California


Mr. Newsom Makes My Case

The Newsom Administration is circulating a rebuttal to my criticism of the Governor’s Proposed 2024-25 Budget. As a reminder, that criticism is that Mr. Newsom proposes to draw on the Rainy Day Fund even though the country is not in a recession and doing so would seriously impair the state’s ability to preserve public services in a recession.

David Crane

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Some Questions For Your Leaders

It’s election season. Citizens looking for questions to ask of candidates or state officials might consider the following two.

David Crane

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To counter special interest influence and to support like-minded organizations.