• David Crane


  • Jesse Vallejo

    Associate Director of Legislative and Political Affairs

  • Pam Tuohy Novinsky

    Director of Operations

  • Jeanne Gutierrez

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brian Jenkins

    Chief Information Officer

Chaired by David Crane and Brian Jenkins
Golden Gate
Chaired by Sachi Takahashi-Rial and Michael Joseph
Santa Cruz
Chaired by Laura Kurek and Bryan Kurek
Southern California
Chaired by Pamela Beck, Dennis Beck, Gretchen Willison and Bruce Willison
East Bay
Chaired by Eleanor Thornton and Alistair Thornton
Chaired by Aaron Thomas and Adam Sieff
Chaired by Adam Thacher and Janice Thacher
California Business Coalition
Chaired by Eliot Hodges and Gregory Hirshman
San Francisco
Chaired by Douglas Abbey, Greg Flynn and Jason Friedrichs
Palo Alto
Chaired by Kathryn Hallsten and Craig Ritchey
Santa Barbara
Chaired by Katy Powers and Chris Terrill
Common Sense
Chaired by Alexander Mans and Nicholas Langdon
Santa Clara
Chaired by John Dawson and Rick Tinsley
Excellence in Education
Chaired by Connor Diemond-Yauman and Eli Bildner
Chaired by Fraser Preston
Future Generations
Chaired by Colin Lind
Bay Area
Chaired by Mason Harrison and Jay Yang
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California


To counter special interest influence and to support like-minded organizations.