We focus on issues affecting all California residents and are working for solutions that will improve state governance and raise the quality of public services rendered to citizens at reasonable cost to taxpayers.


We scrutinize the entire state budget to ensure revenues are forecasted accurately and sufficient reserves are allocated for rainy days. We believe outcomes and effectiveness should be evaluated in order to determine the value obtained from spending.


We support universal healthcare in the form of a multi-payer system similar to the systems of The Netherlands and most of Europe, and the full utilization of federal health subsidies by California’s state retirement system.

Housing & Homelessness

We support streamlining and increasing construction of affordable housing, and support CARE Courts legislation to deliver mental health and substance use disorder services to address the homelessness crisis.


We support parent choice for education providers. We want our public school system to be the best in the country and to ensure every child has the best opportunities for education.

Business Climate & Innovation

An innovative spirit is the bedrock of California’s economy and we must remain the innovation capitol of the world. We support actions to promote an attractive business climate for entrepreneurs so innovation continues to thrive in California.

We maintain a permanent presence in Sacramento to focus on building relationships with legislators, to track newly introduced legislation and statewide ballot propositions, and to engage in ongoing advocacy to optimize the performance and accountability of state government.

Performance & Accountability

We support actions to increase government performance and accountability, especially with regard to budget spending programs to measure their past effectiveness before initiating any new spending.

New Legislation

California has more than 217,000 laws on the books, with thousands of new bills introduced yearly. We read every bill, monitoring for any special-interest serving provision that will be detrimental to the public interest.

Ballot Initiatives

We evaluate every initiative proposed for inclusion on California’s ballot, then work to elevate those that promote strong public services and oppose those designed to protect special interests.
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We advocate for common sense solutions to the Golden State’s challenges by supporting laws, leaders, and ideas that help the greatest number of Californians and deliver high-quality public services at reasonable cost to taxpayers.