A California state legislator has more impact on the daily lives of Californians than a member of Congress.

Governors in California need the consent of at least 62 state legislators to move legislation.

But most Californians don’t pay attention. Few know the names of their state representatives or how those legislators vote. If they did, they would be shocked to learn about some legislators who, while publicly vowing support for jobs, students, citizens and justice, vote against those priorities in order to cater to special interests.

Interested Californians would also learn that state legislators have the tools they need to solve California’s pressing problems. Legislators can make our education and health systems work for their customers, improve our economic environment, reduce retirement spending, properly fund courts, parks and environmental protection, fairly compensate government employees, raise taxes if and when needed, make government more efficient, and more. Upon closer inspection, Californians would learn that a critical missing ingredient is courage. Courage means an unshakable dedication to honest budgets, truthful accounting, open government and governing for the people rather than for personal gain. But courageous legislators cannot win without the support of political donors.

Political Donors Must Help Liberate Legislators From Special Interests.

Courageous state legislators need support from political donors both to win races and to govern with independence from special interests.

Our state will be governed for the people when the people pay sufficient attention to the legislators who run their state. Start by learning who your state representatives are and how their votes match up with their words. And then support courageous candidates who will tell the truth and govern for California.